I Can’t Thank You Enough

This is true to heart. I often have had to have help and there is always great gratitude for those individuals and those acts of kindness. With cronic disease and just every day life from feeling ill, tired, differently abled, confused, inept, or a myriad of other things saying ‘thank you’ looses it power when used so often. This is a challenge how can such a sentiment be rephrased to show the genuineness you want to convey?

one life: livin' the dream

How do you make it count, when you say “thank you,” over and over?

There are a lot of people who help me get through my day. Some pass through once, like the stranger who pushed me up the tiny ramp at The State Theater the other night, or the stranger passing by on the street who held the door of the restaurant for me. Others, like my wife Alison, or, less significantly, my physical therapist, who are integral parts of my life, who do for me what I cannot do, or do easily, for myself. To all those people, and many others in between, I say thank you every time. (I know I forget sometimes, I’m sorry about that.)

For the transient assistants, a smile and a “thank you, ” or “you are very kind,” will suffice, and I do my best to be sure the assistant hears me…

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