What is strength? That is a question that has weighed on my mind as of late and after mulling it over I believe I know the answer.

Strength is not measured by muscle. How much you can bench press and the size of your biceps does not make you strong. Is it a person’s high position of power? I think not. No matter how many people follow your lead and heed your command it does not truly equate power. Not in my opinion.

Strength is found in the quiet ones. The ones who prevail despite circumstances, the ones who forgive, the ones who face their personal battles despite their fear or weakness. Strength is found in the child who readies themselves for school alone while their parent has already gone to work. Strength is in the mourner who visits the grave of the loved one they lost. Strength is in the person who daily searches for work. Strength is in the nurse who care for the dying. Strength is in the unwell who fight daily despite the pain. Strength is in the person down on their luck that asks for help. Strength is in the smile given despite the challenges. Strength is in faith of better times to come. Strength is in finding the positives despite the bad.

Some of the strongest people I have ever met have been those that would not garner much attention. They are not famous, rich, accomplishing feats or breaking records. Every day I see individuals living their lives and trying their best. Not giving up is strength. Fortitude and love is the greatest example of human strength. We should all be so strong and never forget to try as hard as we can.  ~Love to you all.


“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.



  1. Totally agree with your thoughts in the blog. We, specially the youth has a perception that strength is only with a muscular body, with money , with power or with all the facinations of this world. You really have mentioned a truth here about what ‘real strength’ is. Following you now, keep going 🙂 You may have a look at my blogs too 🙂

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