Little Things to Smile About

As I get older I get the biggest charge about the little things. That is the way I think it should be. The newest, biggest and best is okay I guess but over the years I find more joy in the little overlooked things.

Today just reaffirmed this thought. With spring on its way the slowly warming weather has rapidly melted away the snow. This reveals the hidden life waiting to recharge under the sun’s glorious rays.

In one of my garden beds the little mother hen and chicks look just as good as they did before the feet of snow blanketed them for months. This simple discovery brightened my day. Who would have thought finding small succulents in the yard would have taught me a lesson I nearly had forgotten.

When things seem bleak, cold or hard it is not permanent. It is merely a stage, a moment in a life of many moments. Those days of hardship will too pass and brighter days will return…if we look for them.



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