Typhoid Mary Syndrome

Now I don’t know if this is the right thing to call it but over the years I had a distinct feeling that I was the Typhoid Mary of neurological or other diseases. After my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis it seemed that people I knew started to fall like dominoes with disease.

A friend and groomsman at my wedding got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A real kick in the teeth because he was young married and with children. He is doing wonderfully well, but in my mind he was never to have such a thing.

Then my dear neighbor friend of years had health issues and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Just in her fifties and now burdened with an unfair ailment. She is doing well with it but has to be careful not to over exert so our family is so very happy to help with yard labor and snow removal.

One of the sincerely sweetest girls I have known was then afflicted with another disease. I had gone to college with her, attended her wedding and met her handsome little red haired boy. This again was something I found unfair, she was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

Then another dear friend, this time from my high school days was diagnosed with something terrible. Chiari Malformation  is a terrible thing she has had surgery to help with the brain herniation through the base of her skull. Of all things why this?

Withing a couple of years of my diagnosis another person dear to me went through too much health wise. She lives across the street and after so many things cruelly put upon her she now has Raynaud’s disease.

This is the short list there are many more but I have the ‘brain fog’ today. It may be that once you are diagnosed with something your more attuned to other’s afflictions. It could be that as you age and everyone else ages these things become more commonplace. But you can see how I had possibly felt a wee bit like Typhoid Mary for a few years.

All I know is these are wonderful people who do not deserve to be afflicted but they are also blessed with strength and perseverance. They are to be loved & honored and are a model for anyone at any stage of their lives. ~Love you all


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