My Meandering Mind

We are all busy with what life has going on for us. Jobs, kids, budgets, chores, to-do lists of all kinds and schedules can keep our brains working overtime. It can be a real effort to keep it all straight.

I gather it is a common occurrence to lose your train of thought or to misplace your keys. Then again…I think for some of us it may be a chronic issue.

Everyone has walked into a room and then wondered why you came in there in the first place. The other day I traipsed through the house to the kitchen with great determination. Once I got there I had no idea as to why I went there. There had to be a reason I went, right? Looking around the room I saw nothing that triggered why I needed to be in there. So I left feeling a bit baffled.

Returning to the other room hoping for a clue and finding none I gave up. After sitting for two minutes it came to me that I wanted something from the junk drawer. Getting up I headed back to kitchen certain that once I looked in the drawer I would instantly remember the ‘thing’.

On the way my phone rang and I stopped and spoke to the person calling for two to three minutes. After the call ended I just stood there. What was I doing again? Oh, yes..junk drawer.

Five minutes of rummaging through paperclips, child safety locks, broken action figures(to be fixed…eventually), bread ties, keys to God knows what I was no closer to finding out what the heck it was. And to this day I still do not know what I was after.

The same thing happens with conversations. On occasion I will be going on a nice roll and then hit the mental wall. Sometimes it is a speed bump but other times it is a wall. I’ll be darned I was trying to make a point or tell a story and *Poof* it was gone. My wonderful husband and friends are used to this and they either wait for me to find the thought or they help me remember where I may have been going with it.

The one that really ticks me off is when I lose a word. Now this word is not unfamiliar to me and I have probably used it a million times but at that moment I cannot pull it out for anything. I really believe that my mind is full of sink-holes or quick sand. The thought or word is happily skipping along my grey matter when suddenly it is sucked down and buried.

Then there is the times my brain switches gears from one thing to another leaving whoever I am with a wee bit lost in the lurch. We will be going along just fine when suddenly I see something or remember something from prior and it will instantly fly out of my mouth. My best friend has had me do that to her so many times now it is now a joke. In the animated movie “Up” there was this talking dog and it is me in a nutshell.

So during those silly moments either I or my dear friend will just holler out “Squirrel!” 

It is far more embarrassing having those moments out in public or with people who are less used to your whatever you call it-Cog Fog, Brain Farts, Senior Moment, Space Out, Meandering Mind, or Case of the Dumbs. Over the years I’ve gotten used to it and can laugh it off but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I take solace in the fact that I’m not the only one suffering from moments of mind flatulence. 


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