DIY Laundry Soap

I have been asked by some friends about the items I make for my family’s use. At first some of them think I’m a bit funny for doing it until I explain to them how with a little effort, every once in awhile, I save our family hundreds of dollars a year. After that they ask for the recipes so I thought I would also share here in my blog.

laundry soap

4 1/2 gallons of laundry soap for $1.08 is soooooo worth it. 


-1 bar of Fels Naptha
-2 cup of Borax
-2 cup of Super Washing Soda
-4 1/2 gallons of hot H20
*I use a big canning pot but just use the biggest pot you got


Grate the Fels Naptha into the pot and add hot water, heat on stove and stir until melted. Then add the borax and washing soda. If your pot wasn’t big enough for all of the water divide your soap mixture between empty containers then add remaining water needed. I recommend shaking your soap container before use just to make sure there is no ingredient separation.

The initial cost for the borax and washing soda is nominal with the number of batches it will make over time. Been doing this for a few years and it cleans really really good. At 1/2 cup per load this recipe makes enough to wash 144 loads of laundry. Even better is there are no harsh perfumes that would aggravate my son’s eczema.